Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anti-Maureen Comes to Visit

Maureen (who we lovingly call Anti-Maureen instead of Auntie-Maureen) came back from Berlin to visit for her birthday. Because she was already crossing the pond for a conference on the east coast, she made a four day detour to Kansas City. Hudson was so happy to see her “outside of the computer”! We had wonderful dinners, went on walks, shopped, and had a great long weekend with Maureen. Hudson fell sound asleep during birthday dinner and missed out on dessert. We managed to take down that entire brownie tower even without his help. 

And since he napped during dinner, he was ready to stay up late. I love this photo of him watching a movie. The photo lighting is terrible, but I had to capture the moment. He had his little milk belly hanging out and was holding on to the remote control just mesmerized by his first Pixar movie - Monsters, Inc.  

Bath Time

Since we can never share too many bath pictures, here are some of the most recent ones. Basically Bath Time is the most fun time of day in our house. He often times goes into the bathroom and squeals at the tub – trying to tell us he’s ready for the bath. He could stay in there and splash all night! Sometimes we have to pry him out of there because the water is getting cold. But the smiles we get from Bath Time are just too precious! 


I saw a coaster once that said, "I tried child-proofing the house, but they still get in!" Hilarious. But believe it or not, it’s already time to child proof the house. He’s motoring around so much and just gets in to everything. Every drawer, cabinet, closet, etc. 

Yep, already in to everything. 

This was the start of it. I didn’t even know he could open a drawer, but there he goes, just getting into everything. So we bought tons of supplies and set to work locking down the cabinets and drawers. 

Hudson wanted to help with the child-proofing.

Hudson's First Haircut

It was definitely hard to see those first little baby hairs go, but Hudson just had to have a little trim. His hair was so long that it hung in his eyes, so my mom gave him his first haircut. We put him in the bumbo in his diaper and just trimmed off those first little dark baby hairs that he was born with. He instantly looked like a little boy!