Monday, February 1, 2010

We saw our shadows

I somehow convinced two of my closest friends to run the Groundhog Run 5K this year in the Hunt Midwest Subtropolis. Assuming it would require tons of persuasion, I worked up my reasons why the girls should run with me prior to asking them.  I'd make my case to Melissa (The Floridian) by convincing her it was like running in Florida in the winter - no jacket required. Then on to Whitney who has been training for a triathalon but refuses to run with others (she hasn't run alongside someone in over 3 years). My case to her was that if I was willing to run with at almost 30 weeks pregnant, then how could she be worried about keeping up pace with me? It turns out, neither even needed to hear my pleas - they said yes instantly and we were all registered within minutes.

The Groundhog Run is the largest race in the world that takes place completely underground; this year a new World Record was set with over 3,600 participants in the 5K and 10K races combined. Besides benefiting the Children's Therapeutic Learning Center, the Groundhog Run is just a fun, unique race. The Subtropolis is an entirely man-made cave that houses many business and storage facilities, and the temperatures stay a pleasant 55-65 degrees year round. We enjoyed running in tank tops and the much-needed break from the treadmill or bundling up to run outdoors.

I have fond memories of the run from high school when we would borrow a large conversion van and, starting around 3:00am, pick up a handful of running families in small Nebraska towns on our way to Kansas City for the race. We'd finish the race and head straight back to the van - stopping only in Platte City for sandwiches before we drove back to Nebraska (just a long enough drive for our muscles to cramp up)!

I'm glad I have a new Groundhog Run tradition with my fabulously willing girlfriends. That is, until they find out that I posted an "after the run" picture!

And After:


  1. 30 weeks!!! You don't even look pregnant! Did you really run?? I'm impressed. While you were down there, did you see Overstock Freight?? They sell overstock from Babies R Us. We got some furntiure there for amazing prices. They have other baby stuff too. You look great.

  2. I definitely ran! It was so fun. We obviously didn't kill ourselves to get a good time or anything, but it was good exercise nonetheless. I didn't see Overstock along the race route, but I'll have to check it out sometime!