Monday, October 25, 2010

Luau at the Fors'

At one point during a neighborhood get-together, everyone decided to bury a whole pig in the backyard and have a luau. Of course the hubs volunteered our yard for this event (and probably because I wasn’t at the driveway get-together, since it was the night before my Tri). Well, several weeks later, he brings up said Luau/pig adventure, completely forgetting that I wasn’t at the event and hadn’t sanctioned burying anything in the backyard, let alone a small barnyard animal. Luckily our neighbors Roger (as in “Roger the Plumber”) and Diane decide to order a whole smoked pig from a local smokehouse.

We hosted the event at our house since it was definitely our turn to host the next “Swillers” event. Side note – all the fun people in the neighborhood are nicknamed the Southside Swillers because we (almost) all live on the south side of 80th Street.

I found a ton of Hawaiian d├ęcor in a storage tote in the basement marked appropriately “party time”, so we had coconut candles, leis, sea shells, and small tabletop tiki torches. The real ambiance was created by tall lit tiki torches in the front and back yard. My dad found them the day before the event and they definitely made the party.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. And yes, that is a banana.

Diane & Roger Peugeot, dressed for the Luau, posing with the pig.

Even Hudson had a little Hawaiian shirt on!


Everyone brought a side dish, so we had quite the buffet!

Everyone was dressed for the party and no one was shy about digging in.

Some of the Swillers

Diane & Rollie

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