Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We definitely went all out with Halloween this year. Mostly that was because it was Hudson’s first Halloween, but also it’s just a fun holiday that Rollie and I have always really gotten into over the years.

I had my mind set on having Hudson be a pug for Halloween – which wasn’t exactly easy because I was not able to find a pug costume! So my mom and I did the next best thing and made one! I ordered a giant stuffed pug on eBay and we got to work with making his costume. First we cut a seam down the side and removed all the stuffing (except some in the head to keep its shape). We  fit it on little Hudson during the process to be sure it would fit. We had planned on cutting the paws off, but ended up leaving them on, and I’m so glad we did because it was cold on Halloween!

My mom tacked on some velcro to close up the pug suit, and we were all set. The little hood of a pug’s face is the best part of the costume, but the little curly tail in the back is a nice touch too. 

The making of the costume - trying on for size.

Loving the costume- this is when we just had the velcro tacked on.

Two pugs on the couch.

We had several fun events for Halloween this year. On Friday night we went to the Halloween celebration at Indian Hills. Of course like all events there, the club went all out. There was a rock climbing wall, haunted house, huge buffet dinner, dessert decorating stations, pumpkin carving, a DJ and dance floor (huge hit with the little kids), and hundreds of costumes. Of course, Hudson is too little to fully appreciate it, but we had a great time seeing all the kids’ costumes, games and entertainment. Hudson wore a cow sleeper and hat since we wanted him to be comfortable and not get too hot at the party. 

Check out the Rock Climbing Wall in the background.

On Halloween day, we went to visit Whitney & Robby in the hospital since they had a fun Halloween weekend surprise as Baby Bobby arrived early! We dropped Hudson off with Papa and Nonnie (Rollie’s dad and his wife Chris), who were in town for the weekend. Then we started the Halloween festivities. First went to the Prairie Village shops for trick or treating. Since it was cold, Hudson wore his full Pug costume – and it was a huge hit! We strolled around the shops for awhile and then we all went to our friends’ (Dave and Suzi) house for their annual Halloween Party. They had a fire going and tons of great snacks. We finished off the night by making hot apple cider (with spirits!) and a caramel apple bar for everyone who came by trick or treating to enjoy.
At the Prairie Village Shops for Trick or Treating

Hard to tell there's a baby in there!

Dad with his two pugs.

At Dave & Suzi's Annual Halloween Party

Oh, and Hudson’s wasn’t the only costume we made! I guess we went a little overboard this year, because I also decided to make a costume for our competition at work. I got a giant wardrobe box from Uhaul and painted the entire thing with several coats of pink spray paint. My next step was to download the “Barbie” font and make the letters for the box. I think the font really made it look authentic. I added some stars and the Mattel logo, then I cut all the pieces out. I cut out the window with a box cutter and then used spray adhesive to affix the letters. The next two steps took a bit of figuring out. I wanted to wear the box rather than have to balance it and hold it up the whole time, so I glued a shoebox and lid shut with hot glue, then glued that on to the back of the box. This centered my body inside the box. Then I cut slits in the back of the box and added backpack straps so I could wear the entire costume. A clear shower curtain liner was the last step so that I truly looked like the doll, inside the box! And I actually won the Individual Costume Contest at work! 
With the letters just attached. I mounted the box, straps and shower curtain next.
I was demonstrating that it is now "hands free". Luckily in this picture you can't see that my hair is pink from the spray paint!

The winning costume!
And this is my favorite picture from the weekend - I'm trying to feed Hudson dinner, but all he is interested in is grabbing an entire bag of Kit Kats and trying to put it in his mouth! Clearly Halloween is always going to be a big holiday at the Fors' house! 

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