Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Past Due

Baby Fors decided he was plenty comfy where he was and just wasn’t ready to join us on our due date of April 21st. I started working from home on April 16th, which was a relief because I could only hear the “have you had that baby yet?” question so many times a day before I wanted to scream! The due date came and went without any baby, though, and I was pretty sad. We were just so excited to meet him, and had that April 21st burned in our heads as that special day for so many months. It was tough to see it come and go.

Rollie knew I would be pretty bummed by the end of the day, so he came home armed with goodies. He represents Park Place and did some great shopping out there to cheer me up. He bought a vinyl bib from Go Bug, a floral arrangement from Flowers by Emily, and two cupcakes from Cupcake a la Mode, including my favorite flavor: Strawberry Lemonade. It was a great way to make the day special. 

Flowers, baby bib & cupcakes!
When Baby Fors still hadn’t arrived that coming weekend, we set a date to be induced. We decided that last weekend would be a bonus weekend. We did final baby shopping, went to see a movie, went to dinner, and on Sunday, Rollie ran in his first ever road race – the Trolley Run.  It ended up being a fantastic weekend – our last with just the two of us!

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