Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome Hudson Gallagher Fors

We checked into St. Luke’s Hospital to be induced on Wednesday, April 28th at 6 pm – exactly one week past our due date. After a very sleepless night on Wednesday, our doctor came in to start Pitocin and get labor going on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, Baby Fors was not responding well with the induced contractions (mom wasn’t loving it either), and his heart rate dropped with each contraction. So at about 11:15 am, we agreed to get prepped for a Cesarean section delivery. I had an epidural administered at that time so that I could stay awake during the entire surgery.
Rollie looks good in scrubs
We were headed to the OR around noon, and met a very healthy, gorgeous baby boy at 12:29 pm on Thursday, April 29th. I am so glad I had the spinal block and could stay awake because I loved hearing that very first little cry when Baby Fors entered the world. The first thing the doctor exclaimed was how big his feet were (I should’ve known since they’d been kicking me in the ribs for months) and the nurses showed us that his footprint wouldn’t even fit on the paper! 
First family photo!
In post-op recovery, I got to hold Hudson for a few minutes, but then my blood pressure dropped drastically and I had to give him over to Dad. We frantically called everyone while Hudson had his first exam. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long!

In Post-Op Recovery

Our stay in the hospital was amazing and this was largely due to the incredible nursing staff. We stayed on through the weekend, so we were at the hospital for a full 5 days. It was nice to recover there at the hospital and have help with the baby (Rollie became a pro at swaddling). We even sent him to the nursery for a few hours one night to get caught up on sleep. Throughout our stay, we had a steady stream of guests (always armed with goodies from flowers and baby clothes, to meals and cupcakes!) which was really great to break up the time in the hospital and make our days go by quickly.

We were definitely ready to come at the end of those 5 days though. It was great to sleep in our own bed – especially for Rollie who wasn’t exactly loving the couch he’d been sleeping on at the hospital. I've never seen Rollie drive so slowly or carefully as he did on the way home from the hospital with our precious cargo!

Proud Papa
Perfect baby boy
Father & Son
My beautiful baby boy
Grandma & Grandpa visited us that night.
Rollie's Mom Rhonda came the next morning.
Chris & Roger (Rollie's Dad) came down the next day.
Chris & Melissa Clarkson came that night and shared some celebratory champagne with us!
Ryan & Annie Anderson brought the cutest baby Ralph Lauren outfit (that Ryan picked out!)
Robby (and Whitney) Arthur came to visit - they are expecting in November.
Erin (and Kevin) brought flowers, cupcakes and a homemade dinner!

Our Neighbors surprised us with a Welcome to the Hood banner for Hudson
My fantastic employer, VML, sent a personalized wagon filled with cookies & toys!

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