Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Shower for the Clarksons

It's been so much fun having two of my closest friends expecting this year. We hosted both of their showers at our house and I have to say there are few things I enjoy more than entertaining - especially such a great group of friends! Chris and Melissa are due toward the end of January, and we hosted their shower in December. Although it was a busy month, December turned out to be a great time for a shower - it was fun to have the holiday decor up and put their shower gifts under the tree!

My mom made the most amazing Diaper Tricycle (we wanted to do something different than a cake since Melissa already had a diaper cake at a previous shower) and I found an adorable dolly to ride it - she matched all the other fun things I found for the tricyle, including a floral headband (that I got at the Irish Fest in September!), bibs, booties, blankies, a bottle and a pacifier. 

I made both beef and pork tenderloin (first time ever making beef tenderloin) and I think they turned out great. Co-hostesses Whitney and Annie brought appetizers, sides and dessert. Having great co-hosts makes it so much easier to throw a party! It was nice to only do a few food items, and it let me focus on doing fun stuff like tying silverware/napkins together, decorating, buying the group gift, putting together the bar area, etc.

Quite the bar spread for a Baby Shower!

My first beef tenderloin turned out great! I am making it again tomorrow.
The group invited was the perfect combination of fun family and friends. Our house was packed and I think everyone had a great time. We did a feeding theme group gift, so they got all their bottles, bibs, bottle sterilizer, cups/spoons/bowls, boppy and cover, bottle brushes, formula containers, and more! The best part was that all the guys made Chris describe each gift as he opened them - so at one point he exclaimed "It's a floating princess castle!" Too funny.

All the gals from Indian Hills.

The entire gang - host couples and couple-of-honor

The Ladies!
Gift opening!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends! I can't wait to meet Baby Girl Clarkson in January!

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