Monday, January 10, 2011

Jingle Ball

Rollie & I were co-hosts of the Indian Hills Jingle Ball Holiday Formal this year, as part of our commitment to the social committee. We’ve actually really enjoyed being a part of the social committee and giving our input on the large events at the club. The Jingle Ball was black tie, so even though we had just flown in from Denver at 6:00 p.m., we had to rush home to get dressed up. I wore a floor length Roberto Rodriguez black label gown and Rollie wore his black Armani suit (same one he wore for our wedding). The hardest part wasn’t getting ready in a flurry or putting on heels after skiing for two days (although that wasn’t easy) but it was rushing out the door without getting to spend much time with Hudson after we’d been on vacation without him!

But we did have a great time at the Jingle Ball. It was a wonderful party and our friends Brandi and Scott had a fun dinner surprise – it was Scott’s birthday, so Brandi treated the table to cake and champagne when the dinner was over. And the band was wonderful so we danced to several songs before calling it a night. It was an exhausting thing to do after a ski vacation, but it was a blast! 

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