Monday, January 10, 2011

Santa's Coming!

We woke up on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought us. It was fun to start new family traditions this year since we have our own family now. We opened presents in our pajamas by the fireplace, played with the new toys, and made buttermilk pancakes. It was so fun to see Hudson open presents. He loved the tissue paper and handles on gift bags the best. He got a puppy pillow pet blankie, driving console toy, a few outfits, large stuffed sports balls, and Tickle Monster book set. 

First gift - he liked the tissue and bag more than the blankie!
He loved the giant sports balls.
Driving toy makes all the animal sounds, songs, and sound effects you can handle.
After the presents were all opened or loaded up in the car to go to Iowa.

By far the most fun gift was the Tickle Monster gift set that we got for Hudson. It’s not just the Tickle Monster book, but the furry “tickle mitts” that really make the experience. These pictures are from after we got home from Iowa and they are trying out the book and mitts for the first time.

He just loves being tickled by those furry mitts!

I love how you can see Molly snuggled beside them, completely unfazed by the tickling. 

He's got such a sweet little giggle and smile.

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