Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fourth of July Shenanagans

Every year we throw a very casual Fourth of July party – complete with sliders and (illegal) fireworks! This year the boys got a little carried away with lighting off “the big ones” and the entire neighborhood got involved. Almost every kiddo in our neighborhood came out to watch the show. And then the guys got out the finale – the Giant Lanterns. Even I have to admit that these things are cool. They are huge – at least three feet tall, and our next door neighbor Roger (the Plumber) always gets out his blow torch to light them and send them on their way. And when I saw ‘always’, I mean, we light off at least one every time we get together with our neighbors! 

 Good food, good friends.  

The boys being nice and calm, staying out of trouble.

 The girls' idea of crazy fireworks. 

And the boys' idea.

 Getting into trouble.

 Two at once!

 Check out Roger's blow torch. 

 And away they go!

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