Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkins + Wine = Jack-O-Lanterns

We decided to have my parents over to grill out and carve pumpkins. While Rollie had the steaks on the grill, we took Hudson for a ride in his wagon. We planned on taking Molly and Hudson around the neighborhood in the wagon to go Trick-or-Treating  and wanted to take it for a test run.

After dinner, Hudson had a great time playing outside in the leaves while Rollie, my mom, and I tried our hands as carving pumpkins. At some point it turned in a race/competition, which I’m just sure I won! I carved a gestalt – if you look at it from one perspective it’s a witch’s profile; from another point-of-view it’s the moon with a face. And Rollie carved a ghost. Hudson was just mesmerized with them when we put the glowing candles inside. You can’t tell from the pictures, but he’s “oohing and ahhing” at the jack-o-lanterns! 

How many glasses of wine does it take to carve a pumpkin?

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