Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Shower for the Arthurs

We co-hosted the first baby shower for Whitney and Robby Arthur last weekend with Chris and Melissa Clarkson and Annie and Ryan Anderson. It was a co-ed shower and we had an amazing turn out – almost 40 people! 
Ryan & Annie, Chris & Melissa, Whitney & Robby, Emily & Rollie
For the group gift, we did an “On the Go” theme and purchased their stroller, infant carrier car seat, baby Bjorn, and car and stroller accessories. My mom made the most amazing diaper cake (ribbon even matched the adorable invitation). And we did a clothesline of baby items (sleepers, onesies, bibs, socks and burp cloths) to match the invitation. 
The ribbon we found matched the invitation perfectly!
Sleepers, bibs, socks, and more from Carters!
The invitation turned out really cute. I tried to design it to match their nursery with the green and stripes.
We served a full dinner of Italian – complete with lasagna, tortellini, meatballs in marinara sauce, Caesar salad, garlic bread, plus bruschetta and spinach and artichoke dip for appetizers.

Amazing Italian Dinner!
The little bud vases are actually glass baby bottles.
Mini cupcakes from Baby Cakes - check out the amazing tiered display trays.
The highlight of the shower was a hilarious game that we made up. Typically I do not care for shower games, but this was pretty funny and unique. We filled plastic baby bottles with 2 oz of beer and gave to each of the guys for a drinking contest. Robby didn’t know it, but his bottle had been rigged with a  slow-flow Level 1 nipple – so he was sucking and sucking and not getting any beer out! It was pretty hilarious. Of course Rollie and I had to test this out and determine how much beer to use. Here are our sample bottles!

Practice round for Emily (pink bottle with Level 3 nipple) and Rollie (blue with Level 1).
The dad-to-be didn't even know that nipples came in different sizes. Jokes on him!

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