Thursday, September 23, 2010

Puppy Pool-ooza!

This was the second year that we attended the Indian Hills Puppy Pool-ooza party to close out the summer. The party is for dogs (and their owners) to celebrate the conclusion of the pool season and let the dogs have their day in the water (just before they drain the pools). Molly the pug is so social, so this event is right up her alley. Of course, she can't really swim - she's just too dense - but she loves a good party nonetheless. Last year she wore her life jacket because we were so worried she would follow a big dog right into the deep end and sink to the bottom (guesses on who would dive in after her?). Her life jacket has a handle on the back, so we could pick her out of the water like a six-pack of beer from a cooler! She also took her terry cloth spa robe, of course, for after-swim lounging. Here are some pics from last year:

This year's Puppy Pool-ooza was a great opportunity for us to head out as a family - pug and baby in tow. Naturally we fussed over the baby a bit more than the dog, but I think she's used to that by now. And Molly took home the Best in Show Best Costume Award because this year she went dressed as a GOLFER! She even had three clubs - driver, 9 iron, and putter. It's just a coincidence that those are the only three clubs I ever use! Even Hudson dressed the part in shorts and a polo with a pug on it!

The pool deck was completely packed with dogs of all sizes. Even the baby pool was a popular place...until there was a little accident in that pool and then it really cleared out! Dogs were even jumping off the diving board! Year two of Puppy Pool-ooza was a huge success. Now we'd better start working on Molly's costume for next year!

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